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We believe you can fly!

Where adventure meets innovation! Elevate your water experience with our exclusive eFoil option. Glide above the waves on our cutting-edge jet eFoils, designed to add a thrilling twist to your boat trip.


Experience pure gliding.

With the Jet eFoil, riders can master the art of gliding over water with ease. The jet propulsion ensures a smoother and safer ride, making it an ideal choice for riders of all levels. Experience the freedom to explore the water like never before, as our jet eFoils redefine the boundaries of water sports excitement.

Safety is our priority at CaptainJo. Our jet eFoil guarantee a secure and controlled ride, ensuring a memorable experience for all. To further enhance your safety, we provide helmets and impact life vests, ensuring maximum protection for every rider.

To book your eFoil┬áit’s simple. When you will make your reservation and before paying the deposit just click on “Add Efoil“. If you forget to add it during your booking you can always request to have a eFoil on your trip by email, phone call or text. Just let us know!